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번호 제목 작성자 날짜 조회수
89 39권 2호 China’s Search for Grand Strategy after the Cold War and the Future of the Korean Peninsula admin 2012/12/05 61
88 39권 2호 Russian-South Korean Security Relations Reconsidered:The Lost Two Decades of Promise and Perils admin 2012/12/05 27
87 39권 2호 Economic Crisis, Democratization, and Welfare State Generosity in South Korea, 1972-2005: Evidence from Structural Break Estimation admin 2012/12/05 28
86 39권 2호 The Veto Point Politics of the Presidential Impeachment in South Korea:An Analysis of the Parliamentary Impeachment against President Rho Moo-hyun admin 2012/12/05 17
85 39권 1호 Effective Public Policy Delivery System in the Age of Information Overload –The Role of Imagery on Citizen Perception and Compliance of Public Policy admin 2012/06/05 19
84 39권 1호 International Capital Mobility and its Policy Implications for Asia-Pacific Economies admin 2012/06/05 18
83 39권 1호 Bargaining and Rationalist Explanations for War admin 2012/06/05 17
82 39권 1호 Teachers’ Creativity in Career Technical Education: The Mediating Effect of Knowledge Creation Practices in the Learning Organization admin 2012/06/05 16
81 38권 2호 Perceived Stressors among College Students in an American and a Korean University admin 2011/12/05 15
80 38권 2호 The Analysis on the Credit Card Bubble in Korea with the Permanent Income Hypothesis and the Liquidity Constraint admin 2011/12/05 17